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no heart!


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You dont make it to the NFL if you cant tackle. I think that the Bengals have accumulated everyone in the league that cant though. Tackling in the NFL is a want to, and there is not very many on this team that want to, they just want to pick up a paycheck and go on......this defense has no heart......i dont care who they play out there, at least play someone with some heart, someone that is going to try.....this is the worst defensive team and tackling that I have ever seen, and the excuse is blown assignments or blown coverages..I watch college football on saturdays and I dont see them making the errors this team does and they are professionals....this defense is embarrasing and it is embarrasing the city of Cincinnati and they need a kick in the ass and a coach that will do that!........stop settling for mediocre and lets get a winner here for a long time

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This team shows the classic signs for having quit on its coach.

We've seen this before. I never expected to see it with regard to Lewis. I am stunned.

I've been saying this for three weeks.


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