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NFL to Speed Up Draft

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So sez GOD-el during his recent visitation to the Cards:


Both PFT and Fanhouse think this means a move of at least half the first round to Friday night is in the works, too. I hate the idea of splitting the first round into two parts, but $$$ rules all in the NFL.

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Honestly, I felt as if the draft ran a bit long this year.

I don't know that this is the right fix for it, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

Speeding up the draft was always a simple fix...just shorten the time given to each team before a 1st round pick has to be made. It's been suggested that doing so would hamper a teams ability to make trades, but I doubt that's true. In fact, I think doing so would increase the number of trades made prior to the draft....shortening things even further. So I've got no problem with this change. However...

Moving a portion of the 1st round into Friday night primetime effectively spreads the draft out over three days instead of the traditional two, hardly speeding things up or reducing the burden on NFL front offices.

Note: I wasn't able to get the original article to load so I'm basing my response on older information.

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I watch every second of every draft, and its getting longer! Its stupid teams waiting every second of every pick for someone to call and offer a trade that knocks their socks off, and they gave them 15 mins. and people, knowing who they want to pick already, don't put the card in until 1 second left on the clock, I think its great that its shortened!

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I could have used this for the past draft when I as staying up until the asscrack of dawn, but I digress...

I like the idea of shortening it up as well, as I think the first round is kind of a no brainer (for the most part)... I think it forces the teams scouting department to do a better job as well when it come to evaluating talent...

Oh sh*t, we're screwed !!! Better petition for 20 minutes when the Bengals pick !!!


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Update from Mort via PFT...looks like no Friday move (hooray).

POSTED 7:24 p.m. EDT, October 22, 2007


ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports that the NFL will reduce round one of the draft from 15 minutes per team to ten minutes, but that the move will not result in a shift (unfortunate typo narrowly averted) of round one to Friday night.

Per Mort, the draft will start a bit later on Saturday than noon in the East.

Mort also says that round two will drop from ten minutes to seven, and that all other rounds will entail only five minutes, as the practice has been.

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