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Bengals Defense


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ya know i rarely. . . rarely post on here. But with every thread that's been on here in mind, and almost every post in those threads, it's hard to believe that one sentence really needed a new thread. I'm sick of all the bengals fans that one play jump up and shout "that's why you can't stop rudy! who can stop CJ?!" those kinds of things and then when we don't convert a 3rd down or drop a pass then it's all back in the dumps again, a rollercoaster of love hate. The bengals are going to roll into the jungle and rock the patriots. expect it. So to hijack this thread and to give my own positive spin on things here's a quick bullet list:

-The bengals are undefeated on MNF this year

-The bengals are undefeated at home this year

-In 3 seasons cincinnati has never lost at home when i've been present (i'll be there on monday)

Rest easy bengaldom. we're 3 games into the season.

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"When are the Bengals going to..." blah blah blah

1st post, trying to stir s**t, looks like a troll, smells like a troll = probably is a troll.

"Rest easy bengaldom. we're 3 games into the season."

How dare you!, you can take your healthy dose of realism and stick it where the sun don't shine. The world as we know it is clearly ending you fool.

You may not post often but I like - quality over quantity.

"is Edgerton that bad to not resign him?"

apparently Lemar is a better fit, so far I can't complain.

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