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Missed the game...


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I thought Cinci had a better defense than that....45 points? Not to gloat, but what was the problem?

Well Jeff it seems you, as well as we, thought wrong. Chuck Brenahan simply CANNOT prepare the defense to play unless it's on Prime Time television. Basically he blows. There...I said it. Welcome back BTW.

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Stupid as in....

constant ineffective blitzing?

Prevent defense?

lots of cushion on the WR's?

Stupid as in almost never blitzing, four guys on the los most of the game, and dropping all linebackers and DB's into zone coverage most of the game. To top that, we missed some tackles on one of the worst running backs in the league and let him get over 200 yards rushing. The couple times we did blitz, it got picked up and we got burned for big plays.

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