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If ML was Belichick.....


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Do you think that if it was Marvin that was in Bill's shoes with the Spy-gate situation, do you think the punnishment would have been more????

Cause I think that Roger Goodell is a gutless Commisioner with no back bone. The Bengals organization has had quite a few incidents within the Past couple seasons, I thing Roger would have put the wood to us, and not only would Marvin have been fined , but he would have been suspended as well.


1. The Patriots are one of the Richer franchises, and I think that he tends to favor them. They are the current dynasty in the NFL.

2 He would have loved to stick it to us. Personally I think that he doesnt like us, b/c of the proir incidents

3. If Cowboys Assistant Coach Wade Wilson can get suspended for 4 or 5 games for taking HGH for Erectile Disfunction, then why cant Belichick for cheating? Its not like Wilson was looking for an advantage (.... uh...well at least on the field).

I think that Roger was just afraid to suspend a Marquee Coach in the NFL and I just think that he flat out does not want to put any more negative media on the leagues top franchise. Cause this punishment seemed more like getting tickled with a feather than getting cracked with a leather belt.

any thoughts????

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