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Official Bengalszone 2007 NFL Picks Contest


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Contest details/rules


1st Prize : $80 Gift Card*

2nd Prize : $45 Gift Card*

3rd Prize : $25 Gift Card*


  • Picks are to be made at the following : http://forums.bengalszone.com/index.php?act=PerfectPickems
  • Be sure to make picks on all games in each event group.
  • Each week contestant's will pick a winner for each of the NFL games.
  • Picks are to be made for the "straight up" winner, no point spreads will be used.
  • A tiebreaker question is included with every event group. The contestant with the most correct picks for the event group will receive a bonus point. If there is a tie in the event group, the tiebreaker question will be used to determine who gets the bonus point. If there is still a tie after the tiebreaker, the system will pick at random which of the tied contestants receives the bonus point.
  • Contest will begin on September 6, 2007 and will run through the Conference Championships on January 20, 2008.
  • In the event of a tie between contestants after the Conference Championship Games on January 20, 2008, the tied contestants will answer 10 different Super Bowl XLII tiebreaker questions. If there is still a tie after the Super Bowl, 10 different Probowl tiebreaker questions will be asked. If there happens to still be a tie after the Probowl game, a game of rock, paper, scissors will be played to determine the winner. :)
  • Contest winner is responsible for any additional charges that may be incurred. ie. shipping and taxes.
  • Picks must be submitted no later than 24 hours before the first game of the day.
  • The system is set up so that if you want to change your picks, you simply have to to resubmit your entry, and it will overwrite the existing entry, but not after the cutoff time.
  • Bengalszone is not responsible for late or lost entries. To ensure your picks are in on time, make them a couple days before the first game of the week.


  • You may only enter the contest under one account. If you are found to be using more than one account during the contest, you will be disqualified from the contest and banned from the forums.
  • You must have a total of at least 200 posts on the Bengalszone Message boards by the end of the contest to be eligible for a prize. Spamming the forums or posting useless topics or posts just to meet the minimum post requirements for the contest will not be tolerated and you will be disqualified for doing so.
  • Of course, you must have an account on the Bengalszone forums to enter the Pick'ems contest. If you don't have an account with Bengalszone, you can register for one here.
  • I (B24) will be picking in the contest, but am not eligible to win any prizes.

Please visit Bengalszone sponsors as they have made this contest possible.

If you have any questions for comments, post them in the Announcements/Site Issues forum or PM me.

Thanks and Good Luck.

* Gift Cards will come from a yet to be named online store that sells NFL Gear. The Gift Cards will most likely be digital gift cards.

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