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Freak of the Week: Eli Manning and his Papa


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Lots of talk on both the Chicago sports radio stations about this whole Eli and Archie 'We don't want to play for San Diego' thing. Did these two forget that this is the 'new' NFL where a team can be bad for one year and in the playoffs the next. These two are acting like John Elway back in the day.

Nothing worse than a rich spoiled kid who is going to get paid millions in the NFL and trying to pull power plays over the entire draft process.

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personally, in the days of yore; archie was fun to watch and a productive qb. similar to fran tarkenton. i agree w/ elways' call because i had been an avid B. COLTS fans since birth at that time ( born in balt.) now as for manning, i understand. but you've got to draw the line somewhere. no value to SD now, except he says he will make the decision. anyway, trade the pick, get who and what you want latter because they will be there. but make sure you "DRILL" the team you trade with. :rolleyes::D:o:)^_^

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Here's irony for ya'! :

All Maurice Clarrett & Mike Williams want to do is play in the NFL...and yet they can't! Meanwhile, overrated Manning is acting like a prima donna before he even gets to the draft podium.

If I was a Chargers fan, at this point I wouldn't even want Manning anymore. F**k him! Ship his overrated keister to the Giants! Let New York begin to endure the "Manning frustration" that Indy is only beginning to find out about!! Then at No. 4, draft any of the other top 4 QB's, who all will be better NFL QB's than Manning anyway!


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