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So who goes and who stays? Is it possible that Perry will be cut or atleast be PUP'ed. With Irons and Rudi it is a no brainer, however with a healthy Perry, big if, is he still in the mix to get a serious amount of snaps? Lets not forget he WAS a 1st round pick, injuries aside, can he be a productive back for us? My guess is he is hurt worse than we are being told and on the way out....

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Most likely - Perry to PUP

Somewhat likely - Watson cut, but would demand Perry to have recovered sufficiently

Possibile, but not likely - Perry cut as he recovers enough for the team to not get in trouble by such a cut, but they just have no confidence in complete longterm recovery

My bet is Perry to PUP, but then we have a similar situation should he be declared ready in October (or whenever that magical date is). At that point, we drop to the scenarios of cutting Watson or Perry. Again, it will depend upon how everyone feels about giving Perry yet another chance to stay healthy and contribute.

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Perry will be pup'd but when mid season comes around if all RB's are healthy I can see us carrying all 5 (Rudi,Jer,wat,irons & perry) since we will probbley only carry 2 TE's on the roster.

That is the most likely scenario.....

2 TEs or cut someone else (Busing, etc....)

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