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1. Aaron Ross CB/KR/PR - Univ of Texas-

Ross is the 2006 Thorpe Award Winner(Best CB in CFB), 2006 First team All Big 12, 2006 Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year, and 2006 First Team All American. :drool: All of this after starting for only one year, which says to me that his best football is ahead of him, unlike a guy like Leon Hall who had a great sophmore and juinor season but struggled at time his senior year. Ross would be able to come in a play right away and he could contribute on special teams. The beauty of this pick is we could trade down a few picks and still get him, but I wouldn't risk it and take him at #18, he's worth it.

Btw, Ross is also a very willing tackler who isn't afraid to stick his hat into the mix and make big hit. I love me some Aaron Ross, and so does one of the fastest women in the world, his finance is a gold medal winner track star. Ross has cockiness that every great cb must have, but he's not the type to pull on gun on someone were his own jersey.

2. Jason Hill WR- Washington State

Hill is a complete wr who can play in the slot, provide insurance incase of an injury to one of our starters, and be groomed as a future starter. Hill knows the finer points of playing wr and he's coachable, something our new wr coach is going to appreciate after dealing the dynamic duo of CJ and TJ. Not saying they aren't coachable because they obivously are, but them can be a bit much at times. Hill caught 158 passes in 31 games. Of those receptions, 111 were good for first downs; he converted 42 third-down plays and one more on fourth down. He made 32 touchdown catches, coming up with critical catches that set up 52 touchdown drives and eight more that resulted in WSU field goals. Of his 158 receptions, 46 gained 20 yards or more. Good player, even better person.

4. Antonio Johnson DT/NT - Mississippi State

Johnson is a guy who just started playing football a few years ago but he has shown enough at his time at MSU to prove to scout that he belongs in the NFL. I remember watching him at the combine and he is quick, agile, and strong. More importantly though he seemed like he was soaking everything up, he seems like a guy who would cherish the opportunity to play in the NFL and will only improve with proper coaching. He passes the eye ball test with flying colors and could even add on a few more pounds and not lose any of his quickness or speed. Last year we struck gold with Peko, if Johnson is still around we have to take him here.

5. Daren Stone S - Maine Univ.

Stone is a big, quick guy who can hit like, well, a stone. Seriously though, Stone may not be around in the 5th but if he is consider it a sign from the football gods to draft Stone. He's a bit raw in his coverage skills but he can improve, he is also a very willing tackler and a big play maker. He's a perfect in the box type of safety, I could see him and Madieu making a very formiable tandem in the future.

6. Kevin Boss TE - Western Oregon

Boss is a project no doubt and his shoulder may need some work, but he's also a former basketball player who has soft hands and knows how to use his body when catching the ball. He's a fluid athlete, which is rare for a guy his size(6'6" 260 lbs). He'll need some coaching up no doubt about it, but that is why Hayes gets paid, right? Boss is a boss TE, sorry I couldn't help it.

7. BPA.

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oh gawd.....TJ's starting to bubble again.

Look, as long as we have Bob Bratkowski, and more importantly, Carson Palmer, we should always investigate looking into a WR.

What's the big deal?


I must be one of the few Bengals fans that doesn't go into an uproar if a particular position or player isn't selected.


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when someone puts up a mock in a discussion forum, they are implicitly inviting comment on it. My comment was....no more wideouts, please. Note that he not only drafted a wideout, it's in r2, when we need to be picking up yet another quality defender

The thought behind this is

a) you can only keep 5-6 wideouts

B) we have a good set of 5-6 already

c) anyone you draft means you have to cut a good wideout

d) I'd much rather draft a quality defender and cut a lesser quality veteran defender (which we have in plenty)


e) no more (freakin) wideouts. please.

I'm calm. really. :-)

Maybe I could have said what I originally said in a way that conveyed more calm...tho

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