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Rick Gosselin mock draft

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Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, who over the last three years has predicted an average of 87.3 of the first 100 players taken. That is #1... better than The Huddle Report (84.3), Pro Football Weekly (80.7), Scouts Inc. (79.0) or Mel Kiper (78.7). http://www.postbulletin.com/newsmanager/te...22&a=292234

That's what has me worried though. About 12 hours ago he released an updated mock draft. Gosselin's Mock draft

The bad news... He's got Revis, Hall, and Nelson all going before the Bengals pick at 18. And because he's got Branch dropping to them, that's the selection. (Man... that is bad news!)

The good news? He's got Ted Ginn going at 19 to Tennessee. So while I'm not a fan of the Branch pick, according to his information, the Bengals should have a great opportunity to trade out of the #18 pick, grab another 1st day pick (hopefully), and therefore not be forced to reach for the guy I want them to take in that scenario (Houston).

Hell... even for those of you who want Branch, just make a trade with Tennessee. The Bengals only drop one slot, pick up another day 2 pick, and still get him at a slightly lower price. I'm liking the Bengals chances to trade the #18 pick right now. Thanks for the good news Gosselin!

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Where's Chris Houston? :lmao:

I mentioned this in another thread, but as much respect as I have for Rick Gosselin's opinion...and it's more than most, I can't say that I think his mock drafts have been much better than most. What he does well as anyone though is identify players who rise and fall more than popular opinion suggests. For example, I haven't seen any other source projecting WR Robert Meachem to go as high as #13 or OG Ben Grubbs to go as high as #15. So whether those players actually go to the teams Gosselin projects isn't as interesting to me as the the idea that those players are probably rated much higher on actual NFL draft boards than on websites or in draft guides.

In regards to the Bengals projected pick, the thing that stands out is of all of the defensive prospects we fans have been hoping would slide only DT Alan Branch is available. That's disappointing to say the least, and if things actually played out this way it does make the argument for selecting Ted Ginn Jr stronger than I'd like to admit. Frankly, the whole idea makes me want to throw up in my mouth, but if Revis, Anderson, Carriker, Willis, Nelson, and even Hall are all off the board then you're no longer talking about passing on better defensive players for a raw WR/KR.

As for what I'd prefer, I'd bite the bullet and either draft Branch, as Gosselin suggests, or pick from Beason, Timmons, Griffin, or Ross.

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Looks about right to me. He's got 5 players that I don't have gone after 4 rounds: Gerald Alexander, David Clowney, Michael Coe, Jermon Bushrod and Brannon Condren.

But not a lot of LB love from Gosselin -- no Siler, Buster Davis, Everett, Rufus Alexander, Quincy Black and Anthony Waters.

Mock wise, I wouldn't mind seeing Nelson but not over Jarvis Moss or Chris Houston. Glad to see him let the Hyper-hyped wonders Greg Olsen and Amobi-One Okoye slide right on by #18. And that Penn State POS too.

Where's Chris Houston?

He's got him at #35 in his Top 100, which is pretty much in line with Houston's 1st-2nd round early entry evaluation. But he's got a whole lot more love for Houston's fellow hog Jamaal Anderson, who only got a straight 2nd round committee projection coming out early. I'd be most thrilled to see Jamaal Anderson be there at 18. Give the Bengals the FREAKBEAST

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