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Bengals only 7 round mock

Bobcat Bengal

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I've gotten so caught up in this draft day hoopla, so Lemme give this thing a shot:

1. Zach Miller, ASU TE=Draws comparisons to Todd Heap. Bengals finally get their elite tight end to join the stack AFC North.

2. Lamarr Woodley, Michigan DE=Tough, nasty attitude to give team an identity it sorely needs.

Great fundamentals, teammate and hard worker. Doesn't miss tackles either!

4. Lorenzo Booker, Florida State RB=Assuming he and AJ Nicholson don't kill each other, this would give us an awesome weapon to put on the field.

5. Mark Zalewski, Wisconsin LB= Heady, instinctive, tough LB who can play all three-downs.

6. Matt Guitteriez, Idaho State QB= Coach Lewis taps his old alma mater for this Tom Brady clone.

The perfect developmental QB to groom behind Carson.

7. Jordan Kent, Oregon WR= Extra raw, but is a three-sport athlete and the son of the Basketball coach.

Great size, speed and potential.

Thoughts? Comments?

I know it's not much defense, but it can happen....

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I like Miller much more than Olsen, but I'd honestly hate to see him end up the first round pick. Otherwise, it looks as good as any other projection. The 4:2 offense:defense ratio bothers me though. We also have an second 7th round pick (compensatory).

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dont forget, we obviously arent going to draft for need according to marvin...so i wouldnt be suprised if we take miller or ginn.

Like the mock tho, love the woodley pick. I think we will take Deshawn Wynn over Lorenzo Booker, because I thnik Booker will be gone, and Wynn is a local boy and he cut my grass

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