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Pirates @ Reds Series Discussion


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Pittsburgh Pirates (3-0) @ Cincinnati Reds (2-1)

3 Game Set

Game 1

First Pitch- 7:10

P. Maholm vs. M. Belisle

Reds Win 6-1

Game 2

First Pitch- 7:10 TIME SWITHCED TO 1:05

T. Armas vs. A. Harang (1-0, 0.00 ERA)

Reds Win 7-5

Game 3

First Pitch- 1:15

Z. Duke (0-0, 2.57 ERA) vs. E. Milton

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Anyone aware of how to listen to the game on the internet ?? I'm dying to be able to listen to a game over here !!! Free of course...


try www.thegamelive.com

Doesn't 700WLW.com carry online broadcasts?

No. They have to black out their broadcast online due to MLB regulations.

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And with the time change, this game was not even on television locally here in Pissburgh ... BUT ... because of my lovely Slingbox, I was able to watch the entire game. 4-1 ... Lookin' good!

Go Reds! (go Krogering).

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The Reds are down 1-0 in the 4th... Plenty of game left !!!

I looked at thegamelive.com, but it only gave the radio stations that broadcast the games locally, but not on the net. I'm considering MLB's audio broadcasts over the net for $14.95. Anything would beat what I currently have (NOTHING) and the price doesn't seem that bad for the whole season. Anyone familiar with this ??


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Am I the only one that thinks Santos should start over Milton?

Maybe. But do you do with Milton? Long relief? For a #5 starter, I really don't have a problem with Milton. I'd be more focused on Matt Belisle and how well he can be a pitcher through the entire season. He's going to be putting more innings on his arm than he's accustomed to. At the same time, I wouldn't have a problem with Santos and Bailey as our #4 and #5 starters come July.

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