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Too High-Priced Dude Wants a Trade


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(In spirit of the "Old Washed Up Dude Cut", this is just a new version of an old thread)

There's a guy who's disgruntled with his current team and wants to be released or traded. Even though there's no possible way the Bengals will give up what the other team wants in trade, ALSO not even a snowball's chance in hell the Bengals will pay this cat what he wants, I think the Bengals should trade Justin Smith for him and maybe trade our first round pick for their's (maybe throw in our second round pick to sweeten the deal). That way we can sign this guy long term (because doing it is as easy as just saying it) and that will instantly solve our defensive problems for years to come and deliver more SuperBowl rings than can possible fit on both hands!!!

What do you guys think?

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