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Move over "Hooters!"

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I can't wait to see how this plays out for this guy! He said "It's going to be sexy without being sexual." which is a relief to me in the event that I would decide to order a bratwurst! :rolleyes:

From Yahoo news:

"Girls Gone Wild" founder plans restaurant chain By Bob Tourtellotte

Thu Mar 29, 8:07 PM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Having made a fortune off bare-breasted women, "Girls Gone Wild" founder is setting his sights on selling another type of breast.

A restaurant chain under the "Girls Gone Wild" brand name is being planned by Joe Francis, whose Mantra Films Inc.'s has built a $100 million business videotaping and selling the DVDs featuring young women exposing their breasts.

"This is going to be about fun, lifestyle, youth, sun. It's about everything 'Girls Gone Wild,"' Francis said. "It's going to be sexy without being sexual."

There will be no stripping, topless waitresses or filming in the restaurants, Francis said.

The first two restaurants are expected to open by mid-summer in Mexican beach towns Cabo San Lucas and Cancun. Francis sees franchises popping up mainly in college towns in the United States and around the world.

He said "Girls Gone Wild" restaurants will appeal to women who want to feel sexy, exiting and edgy.

Guys will turn out because "guys are always there, panting," he joked.

And he is not stopping at restaurants. Francis and Mantra plan a line of women's apparel including casual wear, lounge wear and swimwear that will be in stores by April 30.

Theme restaurants have been around for years. U.S. restaurant chain Hooters is based on the idea that waitresses in tight T-shirts and short shorts will lure patrons. Theme restaurants, in turn, sell a lot of apparel.

Mantra produces roughly 80 "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs a year, and is expanding to the United Kingdom, Australia and France.

Francis said Mantra holds roughly 700 special events and parties each year in bars and restaurants to videotape patrons going wild, drinking alcohol and, of course, exposing breasts.

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hooters is lame to me and heres why. they usually only have 2-3 girls that are really hot and should be there employed, the rest are garbage. and the food isnt that great, its ok. id rather go to a buffalo wild wings and have good food and service than have some half pregnant chick or a girl that has a booty do wearing almost nothing come disgust me at my table. oh and not to mention the numerous perverts that are there either alone or with a buddy that stare the girls down the whole time no matter what they are doing. and another thing, theres never girls there besides employees...which means whats the point if you got no shot?

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Are the girls going to flash you when you order food. That would be sweet. I wonder if they will have a bedroom in the back where you can watch girls do there thang. I can dream cant I.

I remember this guy sued Hooters for not letting him be a Waiter. Hahahah It still cracks me up every time I hear that

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