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Howard's Geoff Pope Clocks 4.27

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This guy ran a 4.27? Where does he find the time to train between his poetry writing and teaching literature in Seattle?

Seriously though... I've never heard of the guy. I couldn't begin to have an opinion on him, other than the fact that he has a fast 40-time. I'm always okay with picks like this in the 2nd day. Small schools and under-the-radar players are great 2nd-day chance picks.

Here's a short opinion on him from scout.com


Athletic prospect who’s shown flashes of skill yet minimal consistency. Sized well and strong at the point of attack. Displays a good sense of timing, quickly breaks to the ball and adjusts to defend the throw.


Stiff pedaling in reverse. Struggles with his back to the ball and is slow locating the pass in the air. Not physical nor a volunteer in run defense.

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I had never heard of the guy either...4.27 is quite impressive ..DeAngelo Hall speed. This time

of year it gets hard to figure out which teams are truly interested in which prospects. Some teams are blowing smoke to get another team to draft 1 guy to keep them from drafting the guy they really want.

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Pope isn't the only CB blazing at Pro Days but none have been faster nor are any of the others commanding as much interest with reported team visits scheduled. That bodes well for him to get draft higher than the other burners, except for maybe Usama Young, who is not only fast but showed he plays physical.

Some other CB blazers beside Young and Pope who've helped themselves by showing the speed the coaches can't teach are Marquice Cole, Larry Anam, John Bowie and Courtney Brown.

Bengals just might help themselves to one of these in Day 2.

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