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Compensatory Pick????


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PHOENIX, Ariz. — The Bengals won’t waste any time this season getting national exposure at Paul Brown Stadium.

The NFL unveiled its prime-time teams for opening weekend Monday during the NFL's annual summit and Cincinnati makes its first-ever national-television opener in a Monday night game on ESPN against defending AFC North champion Baltimore.

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3-96 San Diego

3-97 San Francisco

3-98 Indianapolis

3-99 Oakland

4-132 Pittsburgh

4-133 Atlanta

4-134 Baltimore

4-135 San Francisco

4-136 Indianapolis

4-137 Baltimore

5-170 Pittsburgh

5-171 New England

5-172 San Diego

5-173 Indianapolis

5-174 Baltimore

6-207 Baltimore

6-208 New England

6-209 New England

6-210 Seattle

7-243 Green Bay

7-244 Atlanta

7-245 Tampa Bay

7-246 Tampa Bay

7-247 New England

7-248 St. Louis

7-249 St. Louis

7-250 New York Giants

7-251 Jacksonville

7-252 Jacksonville

7-253 Cincinnati

7-254 Oakland

7-255 Detroit.

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I'd imagine he meant the 7th would be packaged in a larger deal, but I have my doubts either way. Marvin loves those draft picks, regardless of round (and so do I).*

*If I missed any obvious sarcasm, or am speaking the obvious, make fun of me as you please.

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That's cool with me. I wasn't really expecting any. I see possible trade bait in the mix.

What would you trade a 7th for? Case of beer?

I meant in a larger deal. Unlikely it will happen but it's always fun to think of what could be. We could get a case of beer and give to Oneal, Henry, and Henry's underagers.

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