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Punt returners in draft

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Do you feel that we need to draft a punt returner in this years draft? I know we're overloaded on WR's, and always seem to draft one, but a dangerous PR, see Devon Hester, could change a lot of games for us. I've seen Ryne Robinson from Miami OH play quite a few times, and he's always a danger to take it to the house.... thoughts?

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I agree with you wretched... I know that we have plenty of receivers in the fold already, but how many 4th or 5th rounders can make an immediate impact, or for that matter, ever become starters on the team? To have a weapon like Robinson as a PR man would be a huge pick up in the later rounds. As a side note, I was at a Miami game 2 years ago where Robinson took 3 to the house,,,, but 2 of them were called back. He's had success against bigger schools too, not just MAC opponents.

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