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Tanard Jackson

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After doing about five interactive mock drafts on different websites, this is a guy I'm really starting to like. Given current projections, I'd be surprised to see him taken before the 49th pick (our 2nd rounder). I think he'd make a fine complementary player to Joseph down the road, offering adequate speed and size. What I like best about him is his versatility in the secondary, something the Bengals are in need of with the loss of Kaesviharn.


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Tanard is probably the most physical run supporting CB in this class. Dude just loves to hit people, and hard. He's not the end all be all in man, but is servicable and I think the Bengals could coach him up.

I'd like to see him stay at CB, be the #2 CB so we can watch him knock the s**t out of Hines Ward. JJ on #1s, Tanard on #2s (JJ on Holmes, Tanard on Hines.)

Supposed to have some risks though. Stabbed 2 years ago and was apparently suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team" for a game.

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I also like Tanard Jackson for all the reasons you mentioned.

On tape, he is very welling and able to support the run defense and play good pass defense.

He appears to me to be a solid tackler -- not just a "hitter". My point is that some of these "hitters", try to cut a runner or lay a lick on the runner rather than wrap-up and tackle.

I've seen several drafts where Jackson is the Bengals selection in the 2nd round. I'd be happy with that if we don't get a S in the first round.

Now the bad news -- his speed is almost exact the same times that Keiwan Ratliff.

Even with those times, I believe he be a good S that can play CB.

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He could certainly be faster, but I don't think he's as lacking as someone like Hughes. At the combine he performed well in the shuttle and I think he's a bit faster than his poor 40 at the combine would indicate.

I agree!

He also looks good on the field -- he makes plays.

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