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Ok how about Eric Wright out of my alum UNLV

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he was just clocked at a 4.36 40 time and has been moved up on most mocks as a 25-30 late first round pick. Remember Joseph was a reach as well last year for us. Could you imagine him and joseph on each side at corner? wow we would be fast.

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I mentioned Wright a few weeks ago, and since then have added him to my ever growing list of CB prospects now rumored to be a potential late 1st round pick. Just for the record there are now 27 of them.


BTW, Wright was one of the players said to be "rising" on a recent "Path to the Draft" program, and was said to have improved his draft status from a likely 4th round pick to late 1st/early 2nd. In fact, I've heard Mike Mayock claim that if Wright didn't have baggage he'd be in the mix as the 3rd best CB in the draft, and in one of their team features was said to be a possible 1st round selection of the New Orleans Saints, where it was said he could step into the lineup and become the Saints best CB from day one. Mayock further muddied the water by saying several NFL teams no longer considered Wright a character risk and were entirely satisfied that he'd changed his life.

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Sad thing here is some team will take him and the Bengals could take themselves out of the market for him because of al the pressure they have put on themselves by draftiing too many A-holes who put the team at risk by not being able to get on the field.

Hopefully, the Bengals don't omit Wright from their board but it's doubtful he's still there when the Bengals pick in the 2nd. There will hopefully be an immediate impact CB or S at 18 so the Bengals won't have to look like they've went out of their way to pass on Wright, who is 1st round talent.

Another impact player would be Marcus Thomas. Had Thomas not dimwitted his way out, there'd be a whole lot less Amobi Okoye hype because Thomas is talent wise the most proven and overall best DT in this draft. I hope, like Wright, the Bengals still have Thomas on their board even if it means they don't consider him until the 4th, which seems unlikely that he'll last that long. Thomas didn't have the time to prove hecan regroup like Wright, so that should still weigh on teram's mind.

But the Bengals stilled rolled with Jason Berryman for NFL Europe, so I wouldn't discount the possibility that they pick a player with problems in this draft.

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