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correct me if im wrong but ...


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The agent for former Cardinals center Alex Stepanovich, an Ohio State product, said his client came to town a few days ago but that may be all.

“He had a great visit. He likes the coaches and it seems like a good fit but he’s leaning in a different direction,” Ralph Cindrich said Wednesday.

With the loss of center Rich Braham and a backup center in Steinbach, the Bengals appear to be looking for depth behind starting center Eric Ghiaciuc as well as a guy that can also play some guard.

Ben Wilkerson, who played his longest stint at center when Ghiaciuc went down early in the third quarter during the Nov. 30 victory over Baltimore, has played sparingly in two other games.

The 6-4, 312-pound Stepanovich, who made 30 NFL starts in three seasons with the Cardinals, was a restricted free agent that Arizona didn’t tender. After he played for the Bengals coaches at the 2004 Senior Bowl, the Cards took him in the fourth round.

That’s where the Bengals took Ghiaciuc a year later.

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Stepanovich was a good center at The OSU. Haven't really had much of a chance to watch him in NFL Purgatory, but he'd at least bring depth to the position.

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Hmmmm Cardinals left overs? I'll pass.... Wonder if they planned on getting khalil in rnd 2 :P

rich braham was a cardinal leftover when we picked him up. the bengals were very excied about alex a few years ago. the kid has over 30 nfl starts. i would love to have him as a back up.

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That was before the cardinals had one of the worst lines for years.He was also casted off as a rookie.

1994 Cincinnati Bengals 3 0

1995 Cincinnati Bengals 0 0

1996 Cincinnati Bengals 16 16

1997 Cincinnati Bengals 16 16

1998 Cincinnati Bengals 12 12

1999 Cincinnati Bengals 16 16

2000 Cincinnati Bengals 9 9

2001 Cincinnati Bengals 16 16

2002 Cincinnati Bengals 15 15

2003 Cincinnati Bengals 16 15

2004 Cincinnati Bengals 10 10

2005 Cincinnati Bengals 15 15

2006 Cincinnati Bengals 2 2

As a back up I guess it would be alright but I just really could careless if we signed him or not.

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