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Where have I been?


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What the hell happened? Who knows where the hell i've been, perhaps furniture shopping with the wifey, but damn how did I miss this: http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=2786251 ?

I guess it's all about the money huh? That's a crazy deal! The browns, what the hell is that idiot thinking? They have to be one of the worst teams in the league!

Anyway, since I've been out in the clouds for so long, I was wondering where this leaves our offensive line and what the current situation is? Who's gone, Who's here, Who starts and how the hell are we going to fill Steiny's shoes? Whitworth? Big Willie to guard? WTF? Our offensive line situation can't get any worse...


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These are just stats, doesn't tell the hole story for a OL but still interesting...

Whitworth at Left Guard (2 games)


52 attempts, 213 yards, 4.0 per carry, 2 TD's


48/77, 613 yards, 3 TD's/ 2 INT's 6 sacks allowed

Whitworth at Left Tackle (10 games)


290 attempts; 1,104 yards; 3.8 per carry, 9 TD's


208/328; 2,638 yards; 19 TD's/ 7 INT's, 18 sacks allowed

Whitworth not in the starting lineup (4 games)


92 attempts, 318 yards, 3.4 per carry, 3 TD's


71/118, 816 yards, 6 TD's/ 4 INT's, 11 sacks allowed

Guards are replaceable.

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