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Comp pick :p


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I'm expecting a 3rd rounder for Steinbach. We may also receive compensation for Tory James.

We should get a nice compensatory pick this season for the loss of Kitna... considering his 4,000 yard season, I don't think a 4th rounder is out of the question.

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We do get picks for unrestricted free agents as long as we lose more than what we recieve. We lost Kitna but we gained Adams and Jackson, it will even itself out.

Adams and Jackson didn't have anywhere near the same year Kitna did. Kitna threw for over 4000 yards and played in every game, whereas Adams missed some and didn't exactly have a Pro Bowl year, and Jackson missed close to have the games this year...so we still have a chance.

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I think given Kitna's numbers and the lackluster play from Adams/Jackson that we could get a 4th, I'd expect a 5th though.

If we don't sign anyone then we should hope Steinbach plays all year and we get a 3rd roudner out of him but the freaking Browns are considering moving him to RT.

A 3rd rounder would be sweet.

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We will def get something for losing Steinbach, Washington, Wilkins, Kelly, Kasviharn, Simmons and James..

even if we keep Kelly or Kase losing that much talent and prob not signing much will net + for Cincy so at least it is not for nothing that they are going...

Based on the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement:

A team is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks if it is determined that they lost more or better players than they were able to acquire during the previous year's free agency period. The number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents (maximum of four).

Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula that was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a team is covered by this formula.

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So it goes quantity then quality...

COMPENSATORY DRAFT PICKS: Compensation awarded by the league to teams who lost more UFAs than they signed. Compensation is in the form of extra draft picks added to the end of rounds three through seven. The quantity of picks is equivalent to the difference of UFAs signed to UFAs lost. For example, if a team loses 4 UFAs and signs 1 UFA, they will receive three Compensatory Selections. The value of the picks is determined by the difference of the contracts signed by the players lost and those acquired. The highest possible compensatory pick is the 31st of the third round (91st overall). If a team has signed an equal number or more UFAs than it lost, no "Compensatory Picks" are awarded.

So if we lose 6 and get2 we would get 4 picks and then they determine the value of the players exchanged to see how high or low those pick will be, so we will def get picks and possible a very good one similar to 2004 when Spikes left and we got a 3rd rounder...

If anyone wants to see someone go to the extreme on this check out this guys link, insane


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