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This was the game for defense to put up or shut up. All the talk about how they had been improving, but they really hadn't done anything against a good offense. Yeah they held the Saints to 16 but they gave up 500 yards passing and over 600 yards of total offense, so this was the game to prove they had turned the corner. They failed miserably. This team cannot stop a good offense. And even if we do make the playoffs, which we probably will, I still have faith we'll finish 10-6 and get in, we do not have enough defense to make a run. We'll get torched by good teams, just like tonight.

This team continues to choke in big games. This year, Pats, @ Balt, SD, and now this. Go back to last year: Indy game, you could throw in the playoff game, but we were missing Palmer so we'll leave that one out...It seems like whenever something is at stake, this team is like a deer in the headlights.

Also, the offensive gameplan was horrid.

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Despite 0-line injury of Willie (when is he ever "not" hurt?) that team looked totally unprepared and that was one of the worst coaching jobs i've ever seen in my life at any level. No one should let Manning sit back and do whatever he wants the whole game and not adjust to it.

Big disappointment Marvin. Better win next week. Poor job of coaching, really poor. Were Deltha and Henry sober?

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Well, you can't put the blame on one guy. Nobody played well at all. Carson was off all night. But then he didn't have any protection. Rudy dropped the ball again. Chad missed passes. The Def couldn't stop anything. Shayne o matic made all of his kics which was a good thing. I hope we come to play this weekend. If not we're out.

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