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Lions fans planning 'Walkout' next Sunday


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Heard about this on the radio, should be fun to watch. What a dog this game will be, with Chicago clinching everything in the NFC they really have nothing to play for and Detroit might actually stand a chance in this game. Too bad their fans don't plan on staying...

Welcome to the Official "Fire Millen Walkout" Website

Hello, you have come upon my site for the official protest against the Detroit Lions management. I have been a fan of the Lions my entire life. I have had it with the direction of my favorite team, it's time for a change. You can read the press release down below I have sent out.

I have combined forces with http://churchofnfl.blogspot.com I think they are going to be wearing 57 jerseys and do a silent walk out at the 8 minute mark. If you want you can do that, or you can go with my protest if you feel like making your point vocal as well. I ask that fans respect the security at the stadium I am not out to make a cent on this, no fire millen shirts, ect... I am doing this for the love of my favorite team.

Keep it here for updates on possible radio interviews, tv interviews, ect... involving the walkout efforts Detroit News next Monday, 93.5 WHMI, interview Monday Morning 7:40 am, WDFN interview coming up Wednesday December 20th 11:05am, Possible MCS Magazine web article

One final thing, this doesn't have to be just a walkout, no shows are very welcome and encouraged as well.

Thanks for your time


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A walkout seems pretty silly to me, you pay all that money and don't even watch the game? If the management does not care about winning, onlymaking money, then you are playing right into their hands. If you really want to get them to switch gears, just don't show up.

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