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Bently is done in 2007


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Poor Browns.



Cleveland continues to get terrible news regarding the rash of staph infections that have affected the team over the past three years. Five players have suffered post-surgery infections during that time.

Now, one of those infections could cost prized center LeCharles Bentley another year. Bentley, who signed a six-year, $36 million contract which included a $12 million signing bonus in the offseason, tore his right patellar tendon on the opening day of training camp in July. He subsequently suffered a staph infection and spent more than a month in the hospital.

The infection not only cost Bentley time in his recovery, but he recently had a second surgery performed by Dr. Russ Warren in New York to clean out the knee and check the effect of the infection on the tendon. The news wasn't good, according to two sources.

The infection basically deteriorated the new tendon to the point that Bentley will require another surgery to repair the tendon. The surgery can't be done right away because Bentley's body still hasn't completely healed from the staph infection. Bentley will now likely wait until as late as he possibly can to have another surgery, which could be July or August, still giving him enough time to be ready for the 2008 season."

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I really think he will be ready for next year, I hate rumors like this.

We all expected Braylon to be gone a long time too but he was starting by game one.. We seriously need to quit with the staph infections though, lol.

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