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Top 12 things that suck


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1) Texas' draft (Vince and Reggie have each made them walk funny)

2) Detroit (a fifty mile radius around Matt Millen)

3) Oakland's offense (hey at least they discovered a nice B&B on the deal)

4) Cincinnati's after school program for the convicts on the tail of the roster (cue Donald Trump)

5) Refs "protecting" QBs and messing with defensive players heads and changing the outcome of games (@sshats)

6) John Joe's hands (feet like TO, hands like well TO)

7) Denny Green

8) Jake Plummer

9) Rex Grossman (he'll go for 400 yards tonite now that I've opined)

10) The hands of every WR ever to wear an ATL Falcons uniform

11) Jim Mora, Sr.

12) Michael Irvin

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