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Who is getting this dang ride????

It's in the top 35 in points. It is a top ride....What's the problem???? They are said to have a sponsor?

Drivers scared off by the Yates organization ala Jarrett and Sadler? Not enuff resources to win??????

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UPDATE: Ricky Rudd will join Robert Yates Racing, driving the #28 Mars Company [was #88] sponsored Ford, replacing Dale Jarrett [who drove the #88 UPS Ford, now going to MWR in the #44 UPS Toyota]. Butch Hylton will continue in his role as the Yates #28/88 team's crew chief.(Sporting News)(12-10-2006)

From Jayski.com

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I'm shocked that Dale Jarrett left Ford, and Micheal Waltrip left Chevrolet for Toyota. It just goes to show how much dinero the Japanese car maker has at their disposal! They've already had success in the truck series, and I doubt they'll do any different in the cars.

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Any word on Boris Said's '07 plans??????

Not that I've heard, but I anticipate him running in the upper half of the drivers.

BTW guys, the Bengalszone Fantasy Nascar League will be kicking off soon, so don't miss it!

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