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David Pollack's Halo Removed

LAST UPDATE: 12/7/2006 11:07:01 PM

Cincinnati Bengal linebacker David Pollack suffered a season-ending injury in the Bengals home opener against the Browns.

Pollack fractured his C-6 vertebrae, and was placed in a halo to stabilize his neck.

Local 12 Sports Director Brad Johansen has some good news on Pollack's road to recovery.

It has been almost 12 weeks since the hit that changed his life. Three months of being locked inside the halo to secure his vertebrae, and now, in a sense, David Pollack has been set free. The halo is gone, replaced by a solid neck brace, and very soon he may be starting rehab in hopes of returning to the football field.

On the first offensive play for the Browns in the second game of the season, Pollack lowered his head to tackle Rueben Droughns, and broke the C-6 vertebrae in his neck.

David was carted off the field but wasn't down for long. Last month we followed him through Children's Hospital as he visited patients with neck injuries. Pollack tells Brad the doctors love how the break has healed, indicating he won't need surgery to fuse the vertebrae together, leaving open the possibility of #99 returnig to the Bengals next year to play football again.

Pollack will have another MRI next week. Then, he will likely begin a six to nine months of rehab. His progress will be monitored to determine when and if the Bengals' first-round draft pick from last year can return.


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Bengals.com is apparently a little slow to catch the news. Little mention of it, but not a big article like I would expect with this news.

(Waching Mike and Mike. Greeny looks a zombie and just might want Eric Mangini to give him a christmas present in his rear end. Oh god...he's (mangini) on the show calling in....SLURPPPPPP....)

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Good luck David. Fractured vertebrae are damned scary. I hope he can recover, but the psychological impact of something like this may be tough to get over. I can't imagine going out there again knowing that if this happened to me again, I'd probably be in a wheelchair. We all wondered what Palmer was going through with his knee, worrying about that, but it's nothing compared to a broken neck.

The one thing this does underscore - the NFL needs to start doing a better job of fining guys that tackle with their helmet.

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I am happy that he has the halo off and the break has healed well. It looks like he will lead a normal life and with any luck he may be able to play for the Bengals again. But if not, I am he made it through this ordeal and I am glad that he seems to be alright.

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NFL network just had an update..................

It's not good folks. His doctors now think he'll need surgery, and his NFL days are now over.

I'm not kidding.

I'll try and find a link.

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