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Browns win!


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Great news for the Bengals. I can't believe the Browns pulled out a win over KC. I was hoping, but I figured it was a long shot. That guy Anderson made the Browns offense work...too bad for Charlie Frye.

Now we are in position for a wild card spot, as long as we don't give it back. KC will have to play their asses off against Baltimore just to keep their hopes alive and that game is a win-win for us now since e have something to gain either way.

On the road to the playoffs! WHO-DEY!!!

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I don't think it's broken, just fractured.

Sounds like the same thing to me. :lol:

During the game he kept flexing his hand and wrist after he was knocked to the ground early in the game. Later he came out with what looked like a soft cast similar to a bowling glove. But I am not sure if it was his thumb or his wrist.

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I don't think it's broken, just fractured. But who the hell knows. The soldia ust can't keep his mouth shut.

Not trying to be a smartass but fractured and broken are technically the same thing. What I think you mean is that it's just a hairline fracture instead of a full break. I'm no sports doc but that does seem likely considering he could still play.

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