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so next week do we start deltha and joseph, sit tory? sorry to be a tory hater, but it's time he took a seat for most of the snaps. I did get a huge kick last week after the first INT where he raised his hands in celebration (and in my mind shouted "i'm back baby!") before realizing he could run the ball back. . .

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I cant figure out if he is unable to catch a ball or if its he is just so athletic the he gets his hands near to balls others cant reach, but either way dude has got get atleast 1!

I dont believe that he cannot catch the ball, Rather, What I see is a Rookie, who is learning the right way, and is determined to show that he is a Quality "COVER" corner. I firmly believe that next season you'll see the INT's. That said, I personally am glad to see him playing the way he has, Keep in mind that if he were trying to get more INT's, he would have to gamble more ( ala Tory) and risk getting beat, and giving up a big play. I'm sure that he sees and hears the way Marvin gets all-over Tory and Deltha for gambling on INT's too much, they are Veterans, and former ProBowlers who have the Luxury of gambling a bit. Joseph, on the other hand, is a Rookie who has to play steady, solid, and cover(which he does) in order to get more playing time, and possibly a starting job permanently.

Have faith, the Picks will come, but with the "risks" Tory and Deltha have been taking this season, its nice to see a corner playing the WR more than the Ball.

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