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Bengalszones Fantasy Nascar League almost over


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As the standings leading into the final week below show, this year has been especially good for me and my "Bengalzones Intimidators." I had a great time as usual playing with you guys. I just wish the NFL season was as long as Nascars, which runs from Feburary to November!

I know Josh was busy with his own website (Cincy Jungle,) and wasn't able to play as diligently as last year, but I do hope to see you guys back here, and possibly a few others playing as well. Good luck in this last weekends race, and we'll do it again early in '07!


**Edit Note** These standings are now final as of 11-21-06

1 Bengalzones Intimidators 9,798

2 88and38 9,619

3 X bill's (go 01) team 9,077

4 TonyFan20 9,040

5 Pipdaddy Racing 8,924

6 KiJana for HOF 7,116

7 ALEX & DAD 4,473

8 Kirk 3,054

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