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Unfortunate note on OSU/Michigan game


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As a Miami grad and lifelong OSU-Michigan buff, I can tell you that he was truly legendary and one of the nicest men you ever met. His legacy at Miami and Michigan will go on long after his passing.

I too am an Miami alumn and feel the same way.

Did anybody hear the Larry Smith (his first assistant at Miami and michigan who went on to coach and beat him in the rose bowl by coaching USC) on ESPN radio jsut now? With Erik Kaselilus (sp?)

wow, it got me choked up listening to him cry.

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I can't believe that a game this big could get bigger... but if there's one thing that could do it, it's this.

I have no intention to downplay the importance of a human life and attempt to quantify it as a motivation for a football game... but I'll say this: When I woke up this morning I had very little doubt that Ohio State would win. I'm now a little less confident.

These are the kinds of things they put in the movies... and Buckeye fans know all about what it means to be a team of destiny. If there is something that could give Michigan just a little bit more motivation to go win a national championship, it is probably the words "Do it for Bo" which means it might be an unfortunate time to be a Buckeye fan.

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This definitely puts a damper on the big game, but now Bo and Woody both can watch the game together once again.

Wow I never thought of that!!! Thats cool..... :sure:

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