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Randy Moss was asked why he has dropped so many ballls this year.


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:jawdrop: Honestly, why does that surprise you? Randy Moss has always been only about Randy Moss. If you look back when he was in Minnesota, watch him play, if a play wasnt designed for him, there was no effort given to block, or even try to sell it to the defenders, and Randy Moss would only run deep routes...If a play called for him to go over the middle, he would purposely drop the ball...If he was such a great receiver, then why in his entire career has he caught more 82 passes only TWICE? I can easily name 10-15 current players who have done it more...including a couple of TE's......OVERRATED....The reason he drops the balls isnt because he's not happy....its because he's a little girl and since his team stinks, he sees no reason to take a hit...just to help the team....
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