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What about Rutgers

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What if Rutgers goes undefeated? They beat the crap out of Illinois and they still have Louisville and West Virginia to play. If they go undefeated do they deserve a shot at the national title?

Here is their schedule:

September 2 North Carolina W 21-16

September 9 ILLINOIS W 33-0

September 16 OHIO W 24-7

September 23 HOWARD W 56-7

September 29 South Florida W 22-20

October 14 Navy W 34-0

October 21 Pittsburgh W 20-10

October 29 CONNECTICUT W 24-13


November 18 Cincinnati

November 25 SYRACUSE

December 2 West Virginia

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Yes, and i think if they win out, their schedule could get them close. The Big East is a major BCS conference, just like the Big Ten and the SEC. Sure it isn't as strong, but as far as the BCS is concerned, they're prety much on even playing ground.

BTW, it would make for one blowout of a Championship

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Impressive, most impressive, but you are not a Jedi, yet...



I came away VERY impressed with rutgers. Wow. Some defense to hold the Louisville offense down like that in the second half. Wow.

Now lets see what they do vs Cin and WVU.

Time to put up now.

If they are undefeated, they should be playing whomever else is undefeated. :P


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