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I feel like ranting about the team for a min.

First Caleb Miller is a good player. but he is way too small. he gained 20lb in the offseason, he needs to gain 20 more! he had a grip of tackles but man did he get mowed out of the way on many blocks.

James got thrown at the most in a couple years. he did alright. he missed some tackles on runs but he did get that INT and covered well. That TD that looked like he blew the route, i gaurantee that was KK's fault. KK was over the top coverage and bit down on Brown with james.

Lets face it. Our linebackers are majorly depleted. Landon Johnson i dont think is a starter in this league, otherwise hes not the answer. Hes a very solid player, but not a playmaker. Simmons cant do everything alone out there. They made sure to account for simmons which is a good reason they had a good running game. Miller and LJ didnt hold their own.

do we miss thurman? ya. but we miss pollack and jeanty too. im almost for moving simmons to the weakside again, landon strongside, miller or brooks in the middle. and im almost leaning to brooks if he can pick things up faster - we need the bigger body in their.

Williams is a stud. love him. oneal had a solid game as well. Joseph was a great pickup, great in coverage but i dunno if he'll do better than james against the run - even though james had a bad game vs it yesterday. he wont change from nickle anytime soon.

KK is so wishy washy. he has a good game last week followed by a terrible game. he was hitting out there - that hit on that WR was great. flag was worth it. he just messed up way too much for my likings.

DLine played terrible. they looked tired and didnt pressure brady for s**t. i dont give a s**t if they have a great line or not. geathers never looked like he could get a quick first step by anybody. adams didnt push anyone around - took double teams but didnt move them besides away from the play. i think the only person on the line that did ok was thornton.

ST. Kelley washington. lets talk about him for a minute. ppl question his roster spot cuz he never played ST's before. he is now. now lets talk about how well he is doing it. First he does a spectacular play keeping that punt in play and not going into the endzone. :sure: but on their big runback, he stutter stepped in front of the receiver and got completely juked cuz he was moving too slow. ST's is fast, alot faster than any other part of the game. so my opinion is, he should only be on coverage teams if its punt and we are kicking from the 50 or beyond. i do not trust in his tackling.

now lets talk about the offense.

the offensive line is playing pretty bad right now. we miss braham. wow what a difference a center makes. guycheck is just not ready or not good enough to combat the fast style of the NFL. I just dont think hes doing very good with the signals, but thats just me.

carson needs to learn to hold the ball higher and closer to his body. thats another week that hes fumbled. defenses are keying on it. its time to correct it while it can be correctable.

they need to move chad into the slot more. i knew that time when he moved in to it early they were going to throw to him on a out or something, which they did for a 12 yard or so first down. and they need to come up with some more formations for him, be inovative - times are changing, defenses are changing to stop him - hes a awesome threat - use him!!!!

did we miss henry? ya. and i still dont think chatman is right from his groin injury. cant wait for chris perry to return - we need his punch from the backfield. rudi is doing good, but nothing explosive.

carson needs to throw the ball long a lil more. but i do love the short play drives that he has patented. but can anyone tell me the last time carson threw long to chad? its been too long.

we'll come out the bye a better team thats for sure. im not too worried about the NE loss, 3-1 after that schedule is not bad, and we won both division games.

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Your right on brother, especially the part about Landon Johnson. I've been saying that all alone. Who is he anyway? He's a scrub in the NFL. We better do something fast @ LB.

What pissed me off, and I bet Rudi too, was how they abandonned the run. I love Brat, but he gets a little pass happy too fast sometimes when we're down. With a guy like Rudi he should have no less than 22 carries a game. 14 touches is rediculous, especially when the o'line is doing so terrible at pass protection. He averaged over 4.6 yrds/carry yesterday and only touched the ball 14 times. I could see the frusteration in his face.

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They abandoned the run because they got too far down, too late in the game. Perhaps if they suck it up and go for it on that 4th and 2 and convert, and get some points there, they are in the game to keep feeding Rudi. As it was, with the defense doing their French fighter circa 1940 impersonation, that part of the game got taken away from them...

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Your wrong, they abandonned the run late 3rd, early 4th quarter. Two drives in a row the offense came out threw incompletions 1st and 10 then ran on second for like 3-4 yards making it 3rd and long. We're too predictable when we come out like that every down. Run the f**king ball Brat!

No, you are wrong. They were down 21-13 and had moved the ball to the 40 when the ill-fated sequence occurred that resulted in a punt. Now, if you want to criticize them for not running the ball on 2nd and 2 or 3rd and 2 in that sequence, fine. But after that, it went away in a hurry. 24-13 after a long NE drive, then an immediate fumble from Carson (perhaps they should have run there? dunno), then down 31-13. At that point, it was a moot point.

There were, at most, three plays after NE started to pour it on where they could have run before they were way down. Tops. It's a weird criticism in a week where they couldn't stop anyone and couldn't convert a third down to save their souls.

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