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Thornton v. Palmer

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nah, not really...but I thought this was funny




Carson Palmer was kind enough to sit down with me and I would like to thank him. I didn't ask him the typical questions like "What's your relationship with Jon Kitna?" Or "What's it like to be named the starter?" He will be asked those questions enough when minicamp starts next month. I wanted to ask him about O.J. Simpson and if anybody in L.A. still drives a white Bronco, but I want him to join us again.

So here it is, Carson's first visit on Bengalscentral.com.

Bengalscentral: How is it living in Cincinnati?

Carson Palmer: I like it so far. It's a lot different than where I'm from but I'm still trying to get used to the weather. I need to start working on my golf game.

BC: What do you miss about California?

CP: The weather.

BC: Have you ever intentially set up a WR with a bad pass because he pissed you off?

CP: No.(laughs) But I pissed off WR's by getting them lit up by bad passes.

BC: What do you think changed your career at USC?

CP: One thing is that we had some great coaches come in. They not only helped me, but they helped the whole team. Secondly, they brought in some real good players the last two years of my career. When you're surounded by better players, you succeed.

BC: What was your first big purchase after you signed your contract?

CP: The house I brought here.

BC: What's one thing that you won't buy?

CP: I'm not a big car guy. I would never spend a bunch of money on a car. I'm a truck guy.

BC: What was the craziest investment opportunity that someone brought to you?

CP: This guy wanted me to start my own clothing line. I felt bad because I laughed in his face.

BC: Do you ever sneak and read "Cosmopolitan" magazine when your wife is not around?

CP: I look at the pictures. But I do sneak and read is "US Weekly" and the other one.

BC: You mean "People" magazine?

CP: No. The other one. (laughs)

BC: I later found out it was "In Touch".

BC: What's the worst situation for a QB to be in on the field?

CP: Third and 15+, on your own 10 yard line. That's tough.

BC: Now I want to play word association. Tell me the first thing that comes to mind.

CP: Ok

BC: West Virginia

CP: Boring. (laughs) I'm sorry man.

BC: Silicone Valley

CP: Money

BC: Barry Bonds

CP: Roids

BC: Dan Snyder (Redskins Owner)

CP: Money

BC: Hugh Hefner

CP: Pimp

BC: Chad Johnson

CP: Loud

BC: That's it

CP: That's it

BC: Thanks for joining us.

CP: No problem

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ya i figured id spice it up a bit round here. im thinking of doing a different cheerleader every week or something. but this is by far the hottest, to me atleast. Her name is Kristen btw :D

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