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Red Sox owner pursuing interest in Roush Racing


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From NASCAR.com:

Despite denials from Fenway Sports Group president John Henry that no deal was in the works between the Boston Red Sox owner and Jack Roush on Sunday at New Hampshire International Speedway, Roush Racing president Geoff Smith released a statement Tuesday confirming ongoing negotiations.


Red Sox owner John Henry and his wife, Peggy, attended the 2004 Nextel Cup awards ceremony. Credit: NASCAR

"[Roush] has entered into discussions to sell an interest in Roush Racing to Fenway Sports Group, Boston," Smith said. "Should these discussions ultimately materialize into a definitive agreement, Roush Racing will provide further information on the topic."

Henry, a longtime race fan and current investor in iRacing.com -- a cutting-edge simulation racing league -- has expressed interest over the past two years of possibly joining forces with either Roush Racing or Germain Racing.

Fenway Sports Group brought the Lumber Liquidators deal to Germain Racing for driver Todd Bodine and the No. 30 Toyota Tundra in the Craftsman Truck Series this season.

Henry's involvement with Roush Racing would give Roush the opportunity to consolidate to four teams as per NASCAR's mandate that goes into effect when current contractual agreements run their course. Roush's Nextel Cup operations consist of the Nos. 6, 16, 17, 26 and 99.

Roush also has an alliance with the No. 60 car. An arrangement with Fenway would allow Roush to pare down to four teams with one or more teams going to Fenway.

Roush had earlier looked at Mark Martin, driver of the No. 6, taking on an ownership situation at Robert Yates Racing in order to meet NASCAR's mandate. Martin, however, said earlier this month that his current interests were not in an ownership realm.

My thoughts...I definitely see this happening. The "Cat in the Hat's" way of circumventing Nascars new rules on team size. If there is a loophole legal enough to jump through, Jack Roush will be the first to find it!

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