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Just thought I'd put this out there.

Who do you think will have put up the best numbers by the end of the season? Seems like Corey Dillon or DeShaun Foster will get injured at some point. Dillon is leading that race. Addai might just win the starting spot outright, and Bush looks to be in an even committee situation with Deuce McAllister.

I guess I'm interested because I own a bunch of them in one of my leagues (R.Bush, L.Maroney, J.Addai, D.Williams) and can't decide who I think will actually break out and be a factor, fantasy-wise this season.

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Addai may have the most realistic shot if he takes over the starting spot just because the Colts offense is so potent.

D. Williams is my gut pick, though...I really like his ability and Deshaun just isn't cutting it.

Bush, of course, should be in the discussion, but Deuce is playing well so far this season.

I tend to fall in with this line of thought. Indy's offense is so stacked, there's a RB spot there just begging to be filled by a guy like Addai. That's exactly the reason I worry about DeAngelo, though. Carolina's offense has looked absolutely impotent sans Steve Smith. They weren't much to write home about before he emerged last season, either. As good as I think DeAngelo is, I wonder if he's just set up to fail. Maroney I like because he plays for (what should be) a solid offense. The problem there, fantasy-wise, is Belichick. I just don't trust the guy to ever be honest about Dillon's chances of playing in a given week. I never know when to play a guy on the NE offense. Bush has had one solid week, one unspectacular week. I don't know what to expect from him. Great player, terrible team. Not usually the recipe for a fantasy star.

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