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Nothing really newsworthy, but thought I would pass it along nonetheless. So, I'm sitting here watching the 'Nightly Sports Call' t.v. show in Pittsburgh. A caller calls in complaining that when Geathers made the hit on Green everyone (I assume he means on this show, etc) applauded it for a great hit. Yet, when Kimo made the hit on Palmer "everyone said the Steelers played dirty".

On a positive note, Bob Smizek (Steelers beatwriter) defended the Bengals players saying that he did the Bengals lockerroom after that playoff game and to a man, not one Bengals player pointed the finger at Kimo in any negative way. (I liked that information ... had not heard that perspective before)

Yet, the host for tonight said that the caller was wrong and that no one claimed the Kimo hit was dirty except "the idiots on the Bengals website".

Made me sort of grin. Just passing along more useless information from Pissburgh.

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