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Henry case pushed back....


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HENRY CASE: Chris Henry’s felony gun case in Florida has been continued until two days after the season opener. No trial date has been set, but a Sept. 12 hearing has been scheduled for the Orange County court, according to the State Attorney’s Office, 9th Judicial Circuit in Orlando. Henry, arrested Jan. 30 and charged with carrying a concealed firearm, has practiced the past few days and is expected to play after missing last week’s game in Buffalo with a sore knee and hamstring.

This is gonna suck if he does miss anygames because then we will have alrdy cut down to 6 WR's with him.

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I saw this and immediately thought that means he'll definitely be active for week 1. I guess it does mean that we won't be able to carry the extra WR spot that we would if he were suspended from the beginning of the season, but you can't really control these things. The other thing I noticed is that this is only a "hearing" date, not a trial date. I'm not at all familiar with those courts, being across the country and all, but I wouldn't be surprised if the trial date doesn't get set for 30-60 days following this hearing. If so, we could be into November before that occurs. Assuming he doesn't get nicked for something else in the meantime, or one of his other outstanding arrests doesn't get slotted in beforehand, this might even end up being a post-season trial. The wheels of justice often grind slowly.

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I bet they don't have a trial till after the season's over

They'll have a trial in the next 6 weeks. It's not that complicated of a case and Henry's lawyer hasn't shown any indication that he's trying to schedule it around football. This isn't Jamal Lewis.

The only way the trial is delayed past football season is if they work out some sort of informal diversion where they put off the trial for 6 months or so to see if Henry behaves. Or if they try to work out some sort of disposition that involves his other cases.

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