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Preseason Football: Is It Necessary?


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I've heard people say that without pre-season, the first few games will be more sloppy. I just don't see it. They used to have 6 pre-season games, and I don't think the first 2 weeks are sloppier football because they trimmed it back.

My personal desire would be to cut pre-season back to 2 games, increase the regular season to 18 games... but include an extra bye week for each team. That would increase the regular season to 20 weeks rather than 17... and we would all be happier for 3 extra weeks.

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Absolutely the games are needed. It helps coaches see how individual players react to real game situations, and helps them also fill out rosters, tweak their own play calling and basically fill in spots that don't get addressed properly in practice.

This thing about injuries in preseason games? It happens in practice just as frequently, but doesn't get the attention that the games do. So yes, the games are necessary.

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The Format has always been to develop your youth and depth in real live game situations.

The first teamers play part of the 1st quarter in game one.

Play the 1st and part of the 2nd quarter in game two.

Play the first half and part of the 3rd in game three.

One series then you get your starters out of there in game 4.

Preseason gives the coaches the real ability to set the roster. Keep it at 4 games.

If you want to change anything about the game,

1. Change the stupid rule that you can have 7 practice squad guys ( that you can't protect from the rest of the league ).

2. A 53 man roster that can only have 46 active during the game?

If I was an Owner I'd be fighting hard to get that one changed. Why pay 53 players, when you can only play 46 ???

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I think you need it just to get some reps at game speed against someone other then your teammates and give the rookies game reps. In the future, I could see them cutting it back to two games and making the regular season 18 games. With the all of the minicamps and offseason training that goes on, four games is probably not necessary anymore. Back in the day when guys had to play their way into shape they had six preseason games. It was almost like a season whithin itself.

How many guys are actually going to make it by what they do in the preseason anyway? For most teams, 40-45 spots are probably already decided.

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