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Serena Williams


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Ok. I know shes a world-class athlete and she can play with most anyone in the world but wow! She will not have a long career with a body that looks like its spent too much time munching chips on a couch watching Jerry Springer reruns. Can you name a world-class athlete with a bigger rear end? I cant think of one. She may end up looking like Jared Larenzen soon.

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Dude, I'm watching her right now and think she has lost a lot of muscle tone in her legs and her ass is bigger than it ever has been and that's saying a lot !!! She does still look very muscular in her upper body...


Yea, Im watching it a little too. She looks really flabby. She can regain her game if she can regain her fitness.

Her opponent doesnt look to bad though. :)

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