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New League set-up on Yahoo. This will be an off-line draft: The draft will take place during the last couple of weeks leading up to the season right here on this forum. This will allow those Bengalszone members who live in Europe or on the Left Coast to participate.

For the rules, link, League ID, and league Password please email me at: pjd@mricinci.com

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This is a great shame - it was the only FF league I was in and I was really looking forward to it.

I hope the "real" football season makes up for the lack of FF. GO BENGALS!

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Whoa kick this thing back in. I just now saw this. I'll play.

I would also love to play if this is started back up.

I'll crank it up if we can attract a minimum of 8 people - I just haven't been able to get any interested. At this late date (1st game in 48 hours), we'd probably eliminate week 1. Spread the word.

BengalZone Select


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I'm in let's go people!!!!!!!!

D'uh, Animal - 2 does not make a league. I tried last year, and don't have the time now to get enough (we need at least 6 more.)

If you want to scout around out there for a select league that needs a couple of players, I'll join it with you.

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League Notes

Your live online draft is set for Thu Aug 28 4:15pm EDT. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early since your draft will start promptly at the assigned time. You can rank your players up until 45 minutes before your draft.

The draft order will be randomly determined approximately 30 minutes before the draft begins.

Your Head-to-Head league will not be able to start the season if it contains an odd number of teams.

If you wish to leave this league, you must delete it completely.

Managers, make sure to check your league settings before you draft

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