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How CJ Will Get His 1,800 Yards?


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Uh-oh :o

NFL: Fifteen yards for demonstrations


.c The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) - The NFL discovered last season that fines did not necessarily stop its millionaire players from flamboyant celebrations.

So the league is planning to make any such demonstration an automatic 15-yard penalty.

The new penalty policy has been recommended unanimously by the league's competition committee and is likely to receive approval from the owners when they begin their annual spring meeting Sunday in Palm Beach, Fla.

``Don't call us the no fun league,'' Atlanta general manager Rich McKay, co-chairman of the league's competition committee, said Wednesday during a conference call.

``This has nothing to do with the Lambeau leap, the spike, the sack dance or throwing the ball over the goal post. But the demonstrations are becoming more sophisticated and more pre-planned than they've ever been. That's why we focused on a penalty instead of just a fine.''

As it has been for nearly 20 years, the longest discussions at the meetings will be over instant replay. The committee has recommended that it be installed permanently for the first time - it has been put in from year-to-year until 2001, when it was extended to three years.

But the most interesting sign of the times is that the NFL now considers penalties more effective than fines in curbing demonstrations. There were 46 fines for demonstrations last season compared to 18 in 2002, indicating to McKay and the committee that fines were not a deterrent.

The new penalties would be added to those for taunting.

After Terrell Owens celebrated a score by pulling a pen from his sock and signing a football in 2002, commissioner Paul Tagliabue made it clear such future demonstrations would be penalized. And the officials did call a penalty last season when Joe Horn made a call on a cell phone after scoring a touchdown.

But the recommendation would add the demonstration penalty to the rule book. McKay said it was prompted in part by letters from the NCAA and national high school associations worried that the conduct of NFL players set bad examples.

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Spotted that...So ends the celebrations of Chad!!! Or else he's gonna have a Marvin sized boot up his ass.....I think Chad was expecting this, and he will get most of his fines by uniform violations this year instead...He'll just have to make more spectacular grabs, and get that 1800 yards to get people's attention instead of his celebrations....

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i think its b.s. i believe players should be able to celebrate and let go after one makes a play! do we celebrate aftrer we score a touchdown on madden and rub it in our buddies faces when we beat them? i know i do! i just think its all in good fun. besides 15 yards is pretty steep i think. :blink:

Well, it's their job. I do't jump up and down and act like an idiot just cause I got my application I'm working on to work right (okay, once or twice, but it was a long day) Do the job that they are paid to do, no big deal. Act like you've been there before....Some of thse guys, Chad included, took it too far last year.....

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