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U.S.C. and Texas Pro Days

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Today is March 24th. Several of the bigger named players for the U.S.C. Trojans, and the Texas Longhorns were on display for all 32 teams in Los Angeles.--

--Kenechi Udeze had a good workout, but not the mind numbing workout that Will Smith had a little more than a week ago.

Udezi (6-2 7/8, 273) ran his 40s in 4.77 and 4.81. He had a 39-inch vertical jump, 10-foot-5 long jump and did 25 strength reps.

--Will Poole, the cornerback --was sick, and basically got his height and weight checked.(5-10 1/8, 184) worked out, but he has been sick for about a week. It would be unfair to post his times.

--Keary Colbert wr posted solid 40' times in the mid 4.46' range,and

--Jacob Rogers ot basically did positional drills , and looked kinda' slow in his 10 yard times.


Texas wr and very possible Top 10 pick Roy Williams had a superb workout, Williams (6-2½, 211) ran the 40 twice. Everyone had him under 4.4 on his second run, some as low as 4.37. He didn't run quite that fast the first time. He also had a 39½-inch vertical, an 11-0 long jump, a 3.97 short shuttle and a 6.75 three-cone drill.

--Marcus Tubbs solidified himself as a 1st round candidate with his workout today.Tubbs (6-4¼, 318) ran a 4.96 to a 5.10 in the 40. They wanted to run him a third time but he was worried he'd pull up. He added a 4.66 short shuttle and a 7.77 three-cone drill. He did not do the vertical, opting to stand on what he did at the combine.

So who was the losers..?

Nathan Vasher 5-10, 179) ran his 40s in 4.65 and 4.68. He had a 36½-inch vertical, a 4.02 short shuttle and a 6.74 three-cone drill. ---The slow 40 times will have probably plummet him to Day 2.

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You know what, His production doesn't warrant a first round pick. He's a good DT, but i really feel he's someone that you combo' with , instead of try to build around, which is really what you're looking for in a first round dt.

--Tubbs isn't that quick, but he does have great size, and he can hold the point of attack. A couple of years from now, he could develope into a 3 down lineman, but as of right now, he really doesn't have any pass rush skills to warrant a # 17 th pick.

--------The only players warranting a # 17 are, Udeze,Hall,Smith,Wilfork,and Harris. --Starks is dropping a bit, so we could possible trade down a few spots and still get him. Chris Gamble might not even go in the first round, but I doubt it. He was overhyped by the scouts because he could play both offense and defense, but in his individual drills, he wasn't impressive. He's athletic, but he doesn't have good corner skills right now.

--------- We may end up having to take a linebacker at # 17. I hope not.

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--------- We may end up having to take a linebacker at # 17. I hope not.

Damn I hope not...But then linebacker would be better than a tackle or running back...

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But then linebacker would be better than a tackle or running back...

It wouldn't be better than a DEFENSIVE tackle!! C'mon kev! :huh:

No I meant OFFENSIVE TACKLE....Sorry to confuse....Hell, they could come out of this draft with 4 DT's and I wouldn't complain...Of course, I'd like to see 2 DT, 2 DE's 2CB's, and that's just on the first day, but I think we'll need some extra picks...

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Not sure if he did.I know Darnell Dockett did, and he was explosive.As well was Chad Lavalais. Sean Locklear g N.C.State, made a name for himself there because he was the only lineman that could control either of them.--Quite astounding considering he's only played guard the last 2 seasons.

Yes, Smith and Smith would form a very formidable pass rush duo.Probably better than what Reinard Wilson and Smith did back in '01.

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It would probably be better to draft a DE first, then a DT. There is greater depth at the DT spot, than there is at DE. At # 17 there is a remote chance that Will Smith , or Kenechi Udeze could fall there. If so, I think you have to grab one of them.

A DT in round 2 would be a lot easier with so many players to choose from that should be there.. Igor Olshanksy,Donnell Washington,maybe even Marcus Tubbs. And Chad Lavalais, could be an option there as well.

The fact is, there are only 2 elite DE's in this years draft.. other guys that could make a name for themselves are Isaac Hampton,and Tommy Kelly. Marquise Hill is another to consider, but with his health issues ( bipolar disorder ) there's no reasonable time table that says when or if he could play again.He'll have to be medicated, and who knows how that will work out.

It's hard not to like a guy like Tommy Kelly. He's played DT,and DE. He's 6'5 294lbs. and runs a 4.84 . His knock is he's inconsistent, and should be a dominant player with his physical attributes.If Marvin Grabs him in round 3, and puts a fire into him, WE could have our very own STrahan.

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Cover - 2, I would be ecstatic if we could land Grove in round 2. He's tough, smart, and yes he could step in and play guard. He's got decent size 6-3 304lbs. good upper body strength,and is athletic enough to reach the second level, and block moving targets.

- I'm glad we brought back Rich Braham, having a veteran center to help CP with the line calls is gonna help him immensly.

- The other top centers are A.J.Ricker- not really sold on him, but he'll eventually start in the NFL.

- Nick Leckey - good player, just very light for an interior lineman.He could struggle with holding weight .

- and of course my guess to be a Bengal by the end of round 3, Alex Stepanovich c Ohio St. -- He's just a Rich Braham clone without the age !

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This is what I would like to see..

1: Udeze (Or Smith. Failing either of those I'll take a DT please)

2: DT, someone like Dockett, Sopoaga (sp.) or Lavalais (sp.) UNLESS we took DT in the 1st in which case I'll have a CB. Don't want a CB in the 1st.

3a: CB, unless already taken in which case OL. Stepanovich, Grove, Smiley or Snee. One of them will still be there and I'm hoping it's Stepanovich.

3b: OL as above unless already taken, in which case LB's Rod Davis OR Ted Lehman. If neither are available then I'll have BPA at DE or CB.

4: Davis (or Lehman, or BPA at DE or CB)

Personally, I think that if the Stud DT's and Ends are gone we should trade down for a later 1st AND a 2nd, which would look like this..

1: BPA at DT or CB

2a: BPA at DT or CB

2b: BPA at DT or CB - But I don't want 3 DT's or 3 CB's. Ideally 2 DT, 1 CB

3a: OL, preferences as above

3b: Rod Davis or Lehman

4: Safety

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