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Rogers Beckett resigns.


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i still have a bad taste in my mouth because we are unable to sign anybody that is a huge improvement at a position from last year, we are only able to sign people that either played for the bengals or played for one of the coaches. (webster and herring arent big time improvements)

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Signing Beckett back is good, but not great. He was the same safety that allowed many passes get past him contributed to the poor defense in 2003. He's a great run stopper, but he drastically needs to improve his pass coverage skills!

No doubt Beckett can still improve, but the big reason I like resigning him is that he's demonstrated he can improve. If you look at his numbers last year versus his career numbers over 4 seasons, he got something like 1/3 of all his tackles, 1/2 his INTs, 3/4 of his sacks & 1/4 of his FFs last year. If he can take the same kind of step up again this year, he'd become a very solid safety.

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Yeah, I guess I'm in a stat mood today.. would like to see our starters put up some good turnover numbers this year.

Weathersby- 3-6 picks.

Herring - 4-7 picks.

Beckett - 4-7 picks.

James - 5-7 picks.

------------------------------and the backups and linebackers add another 6- 12. All of this because we should improve our pass rush in the draft.


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Yeah I agree Blaynero, Would love to see Cincy' grab Udeze or Will Smith in round 1., and then Donnell Washington or Mathias Askew maybe in round 2. Round 3 ---may just end up having 3 picks in it with the possible trade of Corey Dillon, and the "compensation" pick we'll get from Takeo Spikes.

Round 3. could look like,

Alex Stepanovich,Keiwan Ratliff,Maurice Clarett or Michael Turner.

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