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Radio hype for CD in Denver


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I had the chance to talk a little trash on a local talk show on the ESPN radio affiliate here in Denver yesterday. The topic was Corey Dillon becoming a Bronco. As I was driving home from work last night, I heard the host of the show say that all the talk about CD being a cancer, and having a bad attitude was, "pure rubbish." When I heard him say that I almost drove my car into the median on I-70!! I couldn't let a comment like that stand, so I had to call in. His basic argument was that if he were CD, he'd be pissed off too after playing so many seasons for a losing team. I basically said that that doesn't excuse the comments he made about Willie Anderson and the "power struggle," (wtf?) between him and Marvin Lewis on BDSS and that those comments demonstrate what a classless self-motivated unprofessional football player he really is. We basically wound up agreeing to disagree on the subject, but it was sure nice to have a constructive conversation about the Bengals with someone out here in Donkeyville.

Anyway, while I haven't heard or read anything official, this town wants Corey Dillon to be a Bronco. Wouldn't it be great if Shannahan agreed?

BTW, the host of the show (Tim Lewis) covered the bengals for 7 years. I've never heard of him, but maybe some of you have.

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"Dude dont let the cat of the bag on CD. Since you are out there you gotta talk him up."

I thought about that, but I didn't think that anyone in the Bronco's organization (like they're even listening) would take the word of some guy calling into a radio station. They have much more credible sources for finding information on potential acquisitions.

"I agree with that idea. 8 years of losing takes a special person."

It doesn't excuse the way he bashed Willie, a true professional who got CD to the pro-bowl. And what type of player has a power struggle with his head coach? CD isn't bigger than any other player on that team, and to go up against ML shows what type of team player he ISN'T. I have to agree that his on-field performance is top rate.

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The only way that the Broncos will ever have be able to shake that " drubbing " Corey gave them 3 1/2 years ago would be to sign him. :lol:

--Greatest game ever for a running back until hapless a$$ Cleveland let Jamal run all over them.

--I wish Denver would give up that # 41 pick they got from Washington for CD. --That might be the prime position to be in the 2nd round. ( probably still have our choice of Greg Jones,Jake Grove,Donnell Washington,Marcus Tubbs..??,Dontarrious Thomas.. and Matt Ware. , Really the list is endless at that spot.

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BTW, the host of the show (Tim Lewis) covered the bengals for 7 years.  I've never heard of him, but maybe some of you have.

Tim was on 1160AM a few years ago in the afternoon. I think is nickname was Big Dog??

Yeah, i remember the Big Dog, glad to see him still in the buisness, he was always good at stirring the pot.... :D

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While I agree that CD has demonstrated he's a classless buffoon, not to mention ungrateful, immature, and downright stupid, I also think a change of location would do wonders for his attitude. I don't think he'd necessarily be a cancer in another locker room (gawd forbid his new team start losing, tho...).

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