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Bengal Fans in my area?


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Just wanted to introduce myself to the board, longtime bengals fan, recently moved to willard ohio and interested in meeting other bengal fans alike. Being in columbus ohio I saw more but still not a lot of bengals fans, now being in brown town " an hour from cleveland, that's all I see. I was wondering if anyone here is near willard or mansfield Ohio. I usually go to the buffalo wild wings to watch the games in Mansfield or columbus. Thinking about making the trip to georgetown this year, would be my first being originally from Maryland. So if there are any Bengal fans out there who would like to meet up for a drink or to watch some games, let me know

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Just take comfort in the fact that when the Bengals thump the Stains this season, your Bengals gear will be proudly worn to rub it in the face of all the idiot Brownie fans.

I had this problem when I was a student @ Bowling Green State University, luckily it was in the late 80's when Boomer was kicking butt, and it was great to see the faces of all the Brownie fans as I proudly wore my Bengals gear to remind them which team owned Ohio that season. Come to think of it that was not really a problem, the more Stains fans that inhabit your surrounding area the more people you can piss off by being a Bengals fan.

Ohio belongs to the Buckeyes and the Bengals

The mistake by the lake can have it's Brownies, they are always dry and tasteless anyways.



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