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afcn moves in the offseason

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Now that sapp didnt sign with the bengals it seems as though the devision has had no major moves this offseason, the ravens lost out on T.O. and all the other FA wr out there, all the steelers have done is sign Duce Stalley, an aged rb, my bengals signing a back up linebacker too start and a saftey who hasnt played in a year, perhaps the only winners in the devision are the browns signing washed up Garcia damn our division sucks

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damn our division sucks

Are you sayin' we suck!?! We USED to suck. That's over. We and the Ravens will be a force in the league next year. Possibly the Steelers too. Never underestimate Cowher. Right Lambert58? B)

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I'll have to disagree with you there Billy.. I seriously doubted that Sapp would sign with us,but I also know that as long as Mike and Katie are running the show, Dillon mouths off with no reciprocation, that no Free Agent in his right mind would come here. The fact is, not only did the Sapp signing dis-hearten Bengal fans, I bet it dis-heartened several team members as well. ---- I for one, was kind of looking forward to Monday's press conference ... But now, It's just hoop-la put on to appease Mikey haters.. The biggest question won't be ...what's with the new uniforms, but what the hell happened to Sapp and Taylor..?

The begining of a new era of ineptness is creaping it's ugly head towards us.

' Till someone destroys the Ring of Mordor... Mike Brown will continue to plague upon the fears of every Bengal Fan !

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