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What's up Bengals!


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It's been a while. How's everybody doing? I know you guys must be thrilled about Warren Sapp.

I'm not! Thats going to definitely cause problems for us. Many people believe he is old and has lost (cliche time) A STEP. I don't think so. I think he will do much damage to opposing offensive lines in the North.

The Steelers haven't done too much lately. We signed Deuce and that's about it. I would have taken Corey Dillon myself!

I'm actually glad to see that Palmer will get a chance to start. No offense to Kitna, but I'm curious to see what he can do.

This will be an interesting season with all of the coaching changes. I wish it were starting sooner.

Well, talk to you later. Please inform me if Kitna comes up for grabs!

Lambert 58

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I feel the free agency moves (assuming Sapp does sign) have pulled the Bengals even further ahead of the Steelers ( so far ahead of the Browns we can't even see 'em anymore). This division will be a two horse race again this season!

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